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Howard Hughes, EdD
Asst. Superintendent Technology, Business, & Operations

The leadership of the Trion City School system believes that a well-rounded understanding of various technologies and their use in society is a key component of a student’s education. Although the level of many technologies used in society continues to increase, students continue to obtain their initial understanding of these technologies through their school systems.

Therefore, the Trion City School system strives to provide an environment where:

- Students gain a clear understanding of technology and where it fits in society.
- Students are exposed to various technologies and the various interactions among these technologies.
- Students learn how technology affects the economic, social, cultural, and political interactions of their daily lives.
- Students gain an understanding and appreciation for the impact of technology on history.
- Students understand the application of technology in various fields such as:

   Agriculture and related Biotechnologies
   Information Systems and Web Technologies
   Transportation, Manufacturing, and Construction

The main goal with regard to the Trion City School system’s desire for a student’s understanding of technology is that every student gains a solid understanding of how technology helps people. Upon graduation, every student will have a clear picture of the benefits of technology, and how the various technologies empower them to be more successful in current and future efforts.


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