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A national contest held by Friday Night Football Coaches and Frog Fitness allowed high school athletes to be nominated in order to compete for their most prestigious title: Player of the Year.

This contest was made to highlight players that excel on the field and go beyond expectations. A senior from Trion High School, Hagen Willingham, was among the fifteen athletes selected to compete from across the country. The competition gave away scholarship prizes to the top three: a $2,500 scholarship for first, $1,500 for second, and $1,000 for third.

The winners were decided by a poll online, encouraging community members to vote for their top choice. In true Trion spirit, it was only a matter of hours before the entire school system was behind Willingham.

As the poll went on, Hagen pulled forward, eventually earning his way to first place. The contest ended with Willingham in first place with 30.08% of the votes. Because of all of the hard work put into this football season, Willingham earned a well-deserved scholarship for $2,500, along with a lot of support from the community.

Head Football Coach Justin Brown, who has seen Willingham’s character first hand, had this to say about the athlete's accomplishment: “Hagen is very deserving of the Frog Fitness Player of the Year Scholarship. I would personally like to thank all of those in our community that voted for him. The accolades keep coming his way. A $2,500 scholarship is a pretty nice way to kick off a college career. I know he and his family are proud, and we are so happy for them.”

Krista Ozment