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Career & Technical Department

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Engineering & Technology combines hands-on projects with a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for the most challenging postsecondary engineering and technology programs. You will build solid writing, comprehension, calculation, problem-solving, and technical skills. You will be encouraged to take relevant math and science courses, such as advanced algebra, chemistry, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, physics, design, and engineering concepts. In addition to classroom and laboratory experiences, Engineering & Technology students participate in the Technology Student Association (TSA). Activities in Technology Student Association promote leadership skills, high standards of craft quality, scholarship, and safety. Through Technology Student Association, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your community’s industrial and technological resources, practice parliamentary procedures and democratic decision-making, and earn recognition for exemplary performance.

Engineering & Technology graduates typically pursue postsecondary education at two-year or four-year colleges to prepare for engineering, engineering technology, and engineering technician-oriented positions. Possible college majors include architectural, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, computer science, electrical, environmental, industrial, manufacturing, materials, mechanical, and nuclear engineering and engineering technology. Career opportunities in these fields generally involve planning, managing, and providing scientific research and professional and technical services. The demand for skilled engineers in the United States far outpaces the current supply, so the future looks bright for students who want to follow an engineering-related career.

Courses Offered:

  • Technology I
  • Technology II
  • Technology III
  • Technology IV

Technology Student Association (TSA):

The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation, design, and engineering.  Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events and related programs.



The specific purposes of this organization are to:

  • develop, through individual and team work, the ability of members to plan, organize, and use a variety of resources to solve problems.
  • explore technology and develop an understanding of technological literacy.
  • promote high standards of learning through curricular resource activities.
  • encourage students in expressing creativity.
  • develop consumer awareness.
  • provide career opportunity information pertaining to a broad range of occupations, including training requisites, working conditions, salaries or wages, and other relevant information.
  • provide exploratory experiences in classrooms and laboratories, and develop partnerships in business or industry to acquaint students with career opportunities.
  • assist in providing guidance and counseling for students enrolled in technology education programs in making informed and meaningful career choices.
  • expose students to the responsibility of representing a large membership.
  • instill desirable work habits and attitudes toward the positive way of life in students and foster a deep respect for the dignity of work.
  • prepare individuals for enrollment in advanced or highly skilled vocational and technical education programs.
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